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I just do...

That is my answer when people ask me how I do it all. I just do!

Hello, my name is Rebecca.

I am so happy that you stopped by. I am originally from Montague, Michigan, but moved to Kansas for college where I met the love of my life, David. We moved to Missouri 22 years ago and resided just south of Kansas City until the summer of 2020. David and I moved our family back to Michigan in July to be close to family and the beach. We have six children, one cat, two rabbits, and three dogs. Our youngest two are twins. And with them is where my journey into keychains and jewelry began. I started making keychains to help us pay for the adoption of our twins. In doing this I found a new passion. I am a creative person and truly enjoy making every piece.

Now that you know a little bit about me, we will get back to that topic. I just do...I do a lot of things. I meal prep, I sew, I design, I own a couple businesses, I have a couple degrees, I make dessert for my teens every Monday, but don't worry...I can't do it all. My house is NEVER clean. Picked up, yes. Cluttered, yes. I am a list maker. Are you? I make them EVERYWHERE! Overall, I am a doer. On top of that, I am very frugal, so if I can make something and save my family a couple bucks, I will do that too. To help share all the things I do, I decided to write this blog. Feel free to share recipes, diy's, and any other fun ideas you may have. My friends and co-workers ask me a lot, "how do you do it all?" and I don't really have an answer, I just do. So join me...and do somethings together.

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